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 Continent of the ninth

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PostSubject: Continent of the ninth   Sat Sep 03, 2011 10:18 pm

C9 has stunning graphics, an outstanding battle system and a coherent storyline. C9 uses NHN Games' in-house developed engine and employs top client programmers to produce magnificent battle scenes and vivid game environment. Players take adventures in a world full of danger and challenges.

C9 features a lot of things like a full 3d world with realistic detailed scenes, smart artificial intelligence for monsters. Monsters are able to adapt to a player's actions giving them superior AI. Some dungeons may require you to go through a bunch of gadgets and puzzles carrying boxes, throwing items, passing boobietraps, and building things to get through.

Monster AI is smart enough to help each other if they see you from far away attacking their own kind. They also have hearing AI so if they hear you approaching from far away or from jumping down area to area they will come at you.

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Continent of the ninth
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