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 Fiesta Online

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PostSubject: Fiesta Online   Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:33 am

Become an adventurer in the lands of Isya.

A new power has risen in the north. The battle between angels and demons has begun. Is your heart pure enough to follow the path of light? Or are you destined to fall into the clutches of darkness?

chose from 5 classes:

Fighter, highly skilled in melee combat masters of swords and axes.
Cleric, divine saints who harness the power of purity
Archer, nimble and discreet, these elves with keen sight will guide the strength of your arrows
Mage, manipulators of elemental forces.their purity and wisdom will enhance the power of magic
Trickster, quick and deadly melee experts that are trained in detecting weakness harvesting souls and dealing massive damage

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Fiesta Online
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